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Monda, Malaga, Spain

Tel: +34 692 38 89 38

RadioTec Services & Products

RadioTec is a complete solutions provider, and offers a range of specialized services for Communities and Urbanisations as well as a range of consultancy options and services for new and existing Wireless Operators. We supply and install TV Distribution Systems (TDT / Satellite / In House) and additionally supply, install, and maintain a range of internet accessible CCTV security systems.

RadioTel Also Offers FREE CALLS Between Extensions in Communities / Urbanisations

RadioTec has installed broadband internet and telephone access into a wide range of Communities and Urbanisations, where systems are connected back to a central point and distributed into each house / appartment through the existing 2 wire telephone cables, meaning a quicker solution to provide services to the location, centralized infrastructure and management, and of course a significant cost saving over creating a new distribution system.

Of course we also provide community locations with WiFi / Wireless accessibility as required

Please see the Top Menu for more information on specific services, and of course please contact us for a free no obligation site survey or discuss your requirements.

Wireless News

RadioTec New Wireless Network & Service in Velez Malaga
RadioTec launches a new Associate Wireless Network in Velez Malaga, covering Monclinejo, El Valdes, and surrounding areas. See RadioTec Networks for Full Information.

RadioTel Low Cost Voip Telephone Service with Local & Worldwide Numbers
Low cost Local, National and Worldwide telephone call rates with incoming numbers available Worldwide from just €10/month.

RadioTec Are Always Looking for More Good Repeater Sites
Please contact us if you think your location is a suitable site with a good view for a Wireless Network Repeater?