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RadioTel Low Cost Telephone Services

RadioTel is the new "Low Cost VOIP Telephone Service" from RadioTec thats fully compatible with any Broadband Internet Connection. Incoming numbers are available throughout the UK, Ireland, Spain, and many additional European, USA and Worldwide Countries, and service starts at just €10 / month per incoming line with call rates from just 3.2 cents per minute.

From Just €10 / Mth
Call Rates from €0.03.2 cents
Call Centres/ Remote Workers

Voip telephone services allow incoming telephone numbers (available from hundreds of Worldwide / European Areas) to be used on an Internet Telephone Interface (ATA), allowing you to be intouch even when your travelling between offices or homes, and of course with a local UK/USA/Other Voip number automatically diverted to your Spanish Voip number, friends, family or potential business clients can call you at their local rates also.

With our complete VoipOffice solutions that can manage multiple incoming lines and extensions, your staff can even be located at home, or infact anywhere where they have access to a Broadband Internet connection. RadioTel services mean flexibility and of course Voip call rates are far lower than fixed line services, so you'll save a considerable amount of your calling also.

For detailed information on our call rates to various destinations, availability of Local Incoming Numbers, and for VoipOffice solutions tailormade to your business requirements please just ask us, and remember as all our services are Pre-Paid, you'll never end up with a huge phone bill at the end of the month.

The Service requires purchase of RadioTel ATA Internet Phone Interface at €95 +iva plus a service connection connection fee of €30 +iva. The initial Fees includes alta / connection of a Spanish Local Incoming Number, standard installation to your broadband connection, along with the first months line rental of €10, and a calling credit of €10 also.

Each additional incoming number (that is assigned to the same ATA Interface / original incoming spanish number) is only subject to a Connection / Alta Fee. This fee is dependant upon the area / Country of the incoming number - Just ask us for full details.

Once connected just LOGIN to our clients area to view your remaining credit balance, add credit, add more incoming numbers, and view /print all calls made. (Multiple Incoming Numbers are all diverted to your main Spanish Incoming Number)

If you need multiple incoming numbers and multiple extensions (seperate ATA Interfaces located at different locations) then please ask us about the VoipOffice solutions that we offer where your offices / workers can be located anywhere that has access to a broadband internet connection.

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RadioTel Low Cost Voip Telephone Service with Local & Worldwide Numbers
Low cost Local, National and Worldwide telephone call rates with incoming numbers available Worldwide from just €10/month.

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RadioTel - Voip ATA Adapter