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Monda, Malaga, Spain

Tel: +34 692 38 89 38

WiFi & Hotspot Solutions

RadioTec offer a complete range of WiFi routers and access points so that you can create a wireless system within your home or office and for Leisure Areas, Urbanisations and/or common areas like Cafes, Golf Clubs, etc that would like to offer their clients either Free or Revenue Based wireless internet services RadioTec has a complete range of customisable solutions.

Custom Branded Solutions with Custom Landing Splash Pages & MiniWebs Available

RadioTec has created numerous free and Revenue Based WiFi networks, and are specialists in Mesh Wireless Systems where adding more coverage to your existing network is as simple as plugging in another Mesh WiFi Repeater and can custom design carrier grade systems for areas that require complete management over who / how residents / clients connect to services along with bandwidth control to ensure that everybody really gets what they pay for when they connect to your Wireless Network.

We are also able to distribute your Internet Source to different parts of your property or even send a signal to your neighbours if they are out of service coverage and stock a wide array of Wireless Link Systems and Antennas and are specialists in finding the right solution to your wireless / WiFi requirements.

For additional information of distribution systems specially aimed at Urbanisations and/or Communities that can distribute both Internet and Telephone services through existing 2 wire telephone infrastructure then please refer to our section in the RadioTec Services section of this website.

Wireless News

RadioTec New Wireless Network & Service in Velez Malaga
RadioTec launches a new Associate Wireless Network in Velez Malaga, covering Monclinejo, El Valdes, and surrounding areas. See RadioTec Networks for Full Information.

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