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Iberbanda Service & Solutions

RadioTec has actively worked as an official Iberbanda Agent for the past 4 years. We offer both Iberbanda Sales and Installation Services and also offer the full range of Business based options including fixed ip's, regional interoffice connection point systems, and the new AviPlus (Wireless Router Included) services.

AviPlus including WiFi
Many Options Available
Iberbanda Wimax Receiver

As a National Operator, Iberbanda is an established and now well know brand of Rural Broadband Internet services. Iberbanda coverage extends across Andalucia, and includes most large towns and several rural areas. Iberbanda currently offers "Free Instalation" for services that are contracted for a minimum term of 12 months (some specialist business services are still subject to a reduced installation fee) and currently offers a minimum of a 1MB service for just €35.00 per month plus IVA.

RadioTec also offer a free site survey service if we cant determine your coverage availability - Please just ask us.

Wireless News

RadioTec New Wireless Network & Service in Velez Malaga
RadioTec launches a new Associate Wireless Network in Velez Malaga, covering Monclinejo, El Valdes, and surrounding areas. See RadioTec Networks for Full Information.

RadioTel Low Cost Voip Telephone Service with Local & Worldwide Numbers
Low cost Local, National and Worldwide telephone call rates with incoming numbers available Worldwide from just €10/month.

Iberbanda Latest 1MB service Offer From Just €35/Mth
Service options and contract services for Iberbanda including WiFi Plus and Corporate LAN Options.