RadioTec Media Section
Monda, Malaga, Spain

Tel: +34 692 38 89 38

Q - Is RadioTel VOIP compatible with my internet connection?
A - Yes RadioTel will function on any Broadband Internet Connection.

Q - How Much is the Cost for Each Incoming Number?
A - Most Incoming Numbers cost €30 for alta/connection and cost €10 / Mth per Number.
* Please note connections fees vary according to the Country of the Incoming Number.

Q - How many Incoming Numbers Can I have?
A - As Many as you need and they all ring on your RadioTel Spanish Number.

Q - Where Can you offer numbers from?
A - We have number availability in most European Countries / USA / and Many Others.

Q - What is the average call rate?
A - Local / National Spanish Calls / all of Europe and the USA are just 3.2 cents / minute.

RadioTel FAQ Section

Q - Does Iberbanda really offer FREE Instalation?
A - Yes As long as you sign a contract for 12 months service - Install is FREE.

Q - Does Iberbanda offer bigger bandwidth options?
A - Standard is 1MB and options available for 2MB and 4MB services.

Q - Does Iberbanda offer fixed IP's?
A - A fixed IP is standard with the new AviPlus service & you get a free wifi router.

Q - What is the difference with Iberbanda Standard service & AviPlus?
A - Same speed of connection with a fixed ip and wireless router.

Q - How long does it take to get connected?
A -Just call us and we will arrange to get you installed within 15/20 days.

Iberbanda FAQ Section

Q - I think my property would make a good wireless site?
A - Great please call us and tell us how many houses / towns you can see. We are always looking for new locations and will probably want to come and take a look.

Q - Do you also install WiFi systems in houses / bars / cafes?
A - Yes we have a large range of solutions - Just tell us what you need.

Q - Do you also offer computer maintenance?
A - No we leave that to the local PC company.

Q - I have another question that you have not covered here?
A - Please just call us and ask.

General FAQ Section


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